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Ngā ture whakamahi

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Ngā ture whakamahi

Mā te whai wāhi ki tēnei pae tukutuku, te tuku iho, te whakamahi rānei i ētahi kōrero i a ia, e whakaae ana koe ki ēnei tikanga, heipūtanga hoki. Ki te kore koe e whakaae ki ēnei tikanga, tēnā kaua e uru mai, e whakamahi rānei i tēnei pae tukutuku.


Te manatā

Ko ngā kōrero kei tēnei pae tukutuku — arā, ngā whārangi, ngā tuhituhinga, ngā whakairoiro, ngā kōrero, ngā ataata hoki, kua noho manatā i raro i ngā ture manatā o Aotearoa tae atu ki ērā whenua kua oti tētahi tiriti te waitohu. Nā te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga ki Aotearoa te manatā o ngā momo kōrero katoa (hāunga ko ērā kōrero kua tohua nā tētahi kē atu te manatā).

Mō ngā kōrero kei tangata kē te manatā

Ki te hiahia koe ki te whakamahi i ētahi kōrero nā tangata kē, kei tēnei pae tukutuku, me mātua tono whakaae koe i te tangata nāna aua kōrero. Kei roto ko ērā kōrero kei ngā pae tukutuku ka torongia e koe mā ngā hononga atu i tēnei pae tukutuku.


Kupu whakakape

Kei tēnei pae tukutuku ētahi kōrero i riro mai i te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga ki Aotearoa, i ētahi atu puna kōrero nā te Tāhuhu i whakarite, ā, kei a ia anō te mana kia rerekē ngā kōrero. E whai ana te Tāhuhu i runga i te mahi pono kia tika, kia pono, kia noho hou tonu ngā kōrero. Heoi, kāore te Tāhuhu e whakaae nōna te haepapa mō te tika o ngā kōrero kei tēnei pae tukutuku, ahakoa te kōrero, mō te otinga, te putanga rānei i tō whakamahinga i ngā kōrero o roto. Mō te wāhi e whakaaetia ana i raro i te ture, ka whakakāhoretia e te Tāhuhu ngā pūtāhui katoa, ngā whakaputanga whakaaro me ngā kupu taurangi mō tēnei pae tukutuku me ngā kōrero o roto.


Ngā hononga ki pae tukutuku o tangata kē

Kāore te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga e whakaae nōna te haepapa mō te tika me te matū o ngā kōrero kei tēnei pae tukutuku nā tangata kē, mō te tika rānei o ngā kōrero kei ngā pae tukutuku a tangata kē, ki ngā pae tukutuku rānei ka torongia e koe mā tētahi hononga itua mai i tēnei pae tukutuku. Koi whakaarohia ko ngā hononga ki ētahi pae tukutuku kē he tautokonga o aua pae, o ngā hua rānei kei aua pae.

Ina torongia ana ētahi pae tukutuku kē, me aro ki ngā tikanga whakamahi me ngā kaupapa here manatā o aua pae tukutuku.



Ngā hononga mai i pae tukutuku kē

Kei a koe anō te tikanga ki te whakarite hononga i tua ki tēnei pae tukutuku mai i tētahi kē. Heoi, kaua rawa e meatia mā taua hononga kua takoto tētahi hononga tūturu i waenga i ngā pae tukutuku e rua, kua whai tautoko rānei tō pae tukutuku me ngā hua o roto. Me kaua hoki e whakamahi i te tohu o Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga ina kāore koe i tono whakaae mai i te Tāhuhu.


Te whakamarumarutanga me te tūkino

Ki te tūkinotia e koe tēnei pae tukutuku, ētahi atu pae tukutuku, hangarau hiko, raraunga rānei a Te Tāhuhu ka riro māu anō e pikau ngā raru ka puta ake.

Ko tā mātou he whakarite tikanga hei whakamarumaru i tēnei pae tukutuku me ā mātou ratonga. Māu anō tāu ake rorohiko e whakamarumaru me te whakarite tikanga e:

  • aukati ai i te tangata e hiahia ana ki te tūkino, ki te kuhu huna atu rānei ki tō rorohiko, ki ōna pūnaha, ki tēnei pae tukutuku, ki ngā ratonga ā-ipurangi rānei,
  • whai kia noho haumaru tō pūnaha rorohiko me ngā raraunga i ngā momo ngārara me ērā atu tūmomo hēnga.

Me mōhio te hunga whakamahi i tēnei pae tukutuku mō ngā raru ka tūpono mai i te whakawhiti raraunga, kōrero rānei ki Te Tāhuhu, me ētahi atu mahi i runga i tēnei pae tukutuku. Ehara i mātou te hē mō ngā tūāhua tūkino ka ara ake i te haukotinga, i te ngaronga, i te whānakotanga, i tētahi atu mahi, raruraru rānei i te whakawhiti kōrero ki a mātou.

Ahakoa pēhea, e kore e riro mā te Tāhuhu e pīkau ngā raru ka puta mai i te whakamahinga i ngā ratonga ipurangi, i tēnei pae tukutuku rānei.


Ngā īmēra puta noa mai

Kei pōhēhētia ko ngā nohonga pae ipurangi ka whakaputangia i tēnei pae tukutuku he momo whakaae tērā ki ngā īmēra puta noa mai. Ko ērā tāngata, whakahaere rānei e hiahia ana ki te tuku īmēra ki ngā tāngata, ki ngā whakahaere rānei nō rātou anō ngā nohonga ipurangi ka kitea i tēnei pae tukutuku me tautuku ki ngā whakahau a te Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (Te pae tukutuku o Te Tari Taiwhenua).

Tērā ka whakarerekē e Te Tāhuhu ēnei tikanga whakamahi ahakoa te wā ā, ka whakaputa ki te ipurangi he kōrero mō aua rerekētanga. Kei a koe tonu te tikanga kia tirohia aua whakarerekētanga ka mutu ko tō whakamahi tonu i tēnei pae tukutuku koia ko tāu whakaaetanga ki ngā tikanga whakamahi hōu.

Ko tēnei pae tukutuku me tōna whakamahia ka noho i raro i te mana whakahaere o ngā ture o Aotearoa me ngā Kōti o Aotearoa.